19 May 2011

I'm here!

I'm back in Pilar with my host family. =)

Everything is going well so far. I slept about 15 hours last night, so I'm feeling a LOT better today than yesterday. The layover in Lima was long, and the Lima airport is entirely indistinguishable from Munich, Santiago, and so many others. I ended up making friends with a little Chilean girl who yelled "Mamà, creo que ella es NORTEAMERICANA!" across the aisle of the plane. I also found a group of Americans from Iowa who are doing some sort of biological research in Paraguay this summer, and bizarrely, my friend Abbey's Paraguayan host family! There are 7 million Paraguayans. I know what, 50? And three of them are on my flight. There were also a lot of Mexican fans of the Jaguares soccer team, who will play against Cerro Porteño, a Paraguayan team, tonight in the Copa Libertadores.
After landing in Asunción, I slept in the airport for a few hours before taking an overpriced cab to the bus terminal. Luckily, I only had to wait about two hours there for a bus to Pilar. I slept the entire bus ride, only waking up momentarily in Ità and Paraguarí, and not again until Pilar.
Tomorrow I'll actually start my research, now that I can stay awake. =)

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