17 May 2011

Almost there..

Hey all, I'm currently in the Bogotá International Airport in Colombia. I'll apologize in advance for typos, this keyboard is really sticky.

The trip started off with more than a little bit of drama, but since Milwaukee, all has been well. My flight from Milwaukee to Atlanta was delayed by over an hour, which meant no connection to Miami. Delta was going to rebook me, but that would have gotten me to Miami sometime around right now, when I obviouslty need to be in Bogotá. After frantically running to every ticket counter in the airport, Delta found a seat for me on a flight from Alanta to Fr. Lauderdale. After another mini panic aboutt how to get from FLL to MIA, they gave me a voucher for ground transportation. The flights went smoothly, I met a nice Haitian driver, and shaved 2ish hours off of an almost 8 hour layover, which was nice.

The airport is pretty small tghanks to construction, and as far as I can tell, isnt air conditioned. Oh well. I{m going to go get some coffee, maybe some chocolate, and hopefully get a nap in before I leave for Lima. After Lima its on to Asuncion! Im halfway there!

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