12 June 2013


Things Paraguay has/commonly has now that it didn't/almost didn't before: hand sanitizer, WiFi, Pepsi, helmets, seatbelts, women with short hair, hostels, 2,000 Gs bills, cell phone contracts, pear juice, political graffitti, posters about the minimum wage in every workplace.

Things Paraguay has less of now: kids trying to clean your windshield at every intersection, stray dogs, Lino Oviedo, annoying ringtones, confidence in the government, citizens working in Spain and Argentina, internet cafés, cheap food, horses in the city.

Things people tried to sell me on the bus today: toothpaste, bananas, laundry detergent, dulce de leche, cooking oil, pears, movie tickets, alfajores, cough drops, chipa, pirated DVD's, powdered milk, pre-peeled oranges, instant coffee, plus a live musical performance by two young Colombian travelers.

Things I've eaten with dulce de leche: palitos, bread, packaged alfajores, cookies, bakery alfajores, medialunas, ice cream, wafer cookies, gelato, tarts.

Empanadas I've eaten: homemade, VitaPan, Don Vito, Lido Bar, Honey, street vendors.

Buses that are not mine but look exactly like mine: 56A, 56B, 56C, 45.

Bus that goes past my house: 9.
Bus that goes past the office: a completely unrelated 9.


Sick Boy said...

Crazy.. just spent the last 2 hours or so reading your entire "history" in Paraguay since 2008. It´s so funny and have to say really accurate about almost everything!

I enjoyed it a lot! Keep posting please Hannah. :)

by the way, you know this saying¿? that everyone says in Paraguay?... "Que chico es Paraguay" and that means: everyone knows everyone.

Anonymous said...

hELLO! i'm from Paraguay, i love your blog! i visited for the first time and i like to "hear" (read) ordinary storys that seems to be extraordinary for people of the outside!

Chepablito said...

Hi Hannah,

I loves this post. In particular that the Lido is still open and selling the best empanadas and that the busses are still as confusing as when I lived there in 1989.

thanks for posting,