29 August 2009

Back in the States..

I'm finally back from both Paraguay and China, but STILL part of AFS. My family is hosting a student from Japan for the year, so I'll still be involved with local AFS stuff.

I've been out of Paraguay for a month and a half, although three weeks were in China. I still wish I was with all my Paraguayan friends & family and Paraguayan food and Paraguayan music and Paraguayan schedule and Paraguayan...everything. Re-adjusting to the US schedule and concept of time has been hard. In Paraguay, we would be out at the club until 4 or 5 most weekends, whereas curfew here is 11, and they actually check IDs. I also am not having fun with needing to be on-time. In Paraguay, NOTHING was on-time, except for sorta school. Oh well. I know I'll be going back someday, I just don't know when, for how long, or why...

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